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When it comes to love, the most important kind is SELF-LOVE. When we truly love ourselves, we feel more confident, secure, joyful and open to connecting with others. @amybartle wrote a beautiful piece for us on the ‘unexpected joy of self-love’ and I am sure her words will resonate with most of you. Scroll down for some key tips from this lady of wisdom. 💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️

Reserving your kindness only for other people and putting your own needs below the needs of everyone else can lead to feelings of resentment, especially when your time is being constantly squeezed by your obligations to others. Start by asking what works for you so that you can become better at prioritising your time and not over-scheduling yourself.

Yoga teaches us to simplify and purify both body and mind. Often feelings of overwhelm and stress come about by simply taking on too much. By learning to say no in a loving way is, for many, one of the hardest lessons in self-love. It sometimes means having uncomfortable conversations or leaves you feeling like you’ve disappointed others when this is rarely the case. The people who matter don’t mind, and those who do mind don’t matter.

We all have an inner critic, the harsh voice telling us that we aren’t enough. Of course, this can be compounded by the images we see every day in the media and online. Through regular yoga and meditation practice, we can learn to notice the inner voice that is quick to criticise and compare. By witnessing the thoughts as they come up, you can find the space to acknowledge them and let them go, choosing a dialogue that is gentler and kinder.

Just like the inhale and the exhale of the breath, we have to be able to take energy into the body in order to be able to give it out. We don’t have unlimited reserves, or as the saying goes ‘you can’t give from an empty cup’. Quiet time and moments of stillness every day will literally recharge your physical and emotional batteries.

Our breath is such a great indicator of how we’re feeling. When in the tailspin of stress and anxiety, you may notice that your breath is shorter and faster. Taking a few moments to breathe a little deeper and more intentionally will help you to slow down and calm and steady the mind.


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