Kicharee — food of the gods

Kicharee — food of the gods

There is no better time than spring to dedicate a day or two to a kitcharee cleanse.

Kitcharee is a wonderful healing food known as the 'food of the gods'. It is warm, soft, fresh and uncomplicated, making it easy to digest and tri-dosha balancing.  

Eating only Kicharee for one or two days gives the digestive system a much-needed break and resets agni (the digestive fire).

Ayurveda believes that impaired digestion is the root of every imbalance and disease, so if you are suffering from any little niggles or more troublesome disorders, you can be sure that faulty digestion is at play.  

The thought of eating only mung beans and rice may have you running to the biscuit tin for safety, but once you get started, it's easy to follow.

Firstly, you don't have to go hungry like on a raw juice fast, for instance, which can be a shock for the system and not appropriate for everybody — especially those with a vata constitution or vata imbalance or anyone who's depleted, tired, frazzled, overworked, overstimulated (let's face it, the majority of the population!).

Anybody in this category attempting a harsh fast will cause more harm than good and may experience uncomfortable symptoms such as dizziness, spaciness, anxiety, bloating and constipation as the body is further depleted.

Unlike raw juice, Kicharee (often described as a hug in a bowl) is calming, soothing, and healing. Saturating the body with Kitcharee's warm, comforting goodness gently cleanses the system while nourishing the tissues and nervous system.

Secondly, it takes little effort. No fancy juicers or Nutribullet-type contraptions are required, and you don't need to shop for fancy superfoods — all you need is a bag of rice and beans and a good old-fashioned pan. You can cook a batch fresh in the morning and store it in a food thermos ready for the rest of your meals. Job done.

TThe effort is well worth it. Even after a day or two, you may notice a reduction in those niggling symptoms. At the very least, you will emerge with a spring in your step, a healthy glow, and renewed energy.

Just remember to ease back into your regular foods after you have finished your cleanse. Gradually reintroduce food groups, starting with vegetables, followed by fruit and then grains, before reintroducing dairy and meat. Introducing difficult-to-digest foods too quickly will create more ama (toxins) and undo all your good work.  

This simple and nourishing dish has numerous variations, but the coconut version below is one of our favourites. You can find another simpler version on the recipes section of the website.


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