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It's the weekend, and the weather is glorious. There's nothing I love to do more during the summer months than take my mat outside and practice in the fresh air feeling the warmth of the sun. Ah, heaven!

Earlier on in the week, I did something quite out of character for me and decided to participate in an IG yoga challenge that we are incidentally sponsoring. (Well after a bit of a nudge from Amy, who thinks I should put more effort into flying the B&Z flag. Fair enough!).

I'm pretty camera shy, and don't always feel comfortable putting myself out there on social media (maybe it's an age thing?), so this is a pretty big deal for me. However, I figured that I should cooperate as if anything, it's good to push ourselves outside of our comfort zones every once in a while, right?

So anyway, I've survived the first couple of days (only another twelve to go!) and up to now, I have been using our new Combo mat which is just perfect for taking outside. Of course, the towels are also perfect for taking outdoors, but unless you are on a soft surface (i.e., grass/beach), then you will still need a mat to place underneath your towel. Not such a big deal, but if you are anything like me (not sure if it's down to impatience or laziness), you'll find that it's super annoying having to wipe down the underside of your mat after each session.

This is just one of the reasons why I'm totally in love with my Combo mat. It's machine washable so rather than getting hot and bothered with the cleaning cloth; I can just lob it into the machine and voila! The lazy girls best friend :)


You can check out our combo mats here and don't forget to have a nosy at the #twistandbindwithmuta challenge on Instagram.

P.S Unfortunately, this is not me in the picture :( The image was provided courtesy of our gorgeous Brand Ambassador Alex Cerr.  


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