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It's 'Mental Health Awareness' week here in the UK, so we decided to hook up with our lovely Brand Ambassador and yoga teacher Laura McDonald to find out which are the best poses we can incorporate into our daily routine to help control anxiety, stress and depression.


Those of you that know me or have read my story, will know that I have (and still do) suffer from bouts of anxiety and depression, and I find that yoga and meditation are wonderful tools for managing this.


The more I speak to customers and others within the yoga community, it seems that I am not alone. Many like me, are fighting their own battles with anxiety issues and found yoga because it helps.


Whilst writing this blog, I came across a news article which says that according to the largest study to ever investigate the link between the exercise and the mental health disorder, yoga can ease depression symptoms. More than half of sufferers who take weekly yoga classes experience a minimum 50 percent reduction in their symptoms.


Even for those lucky enough not to suffer from anxiety and depression, there will be difficult times and times of stress. It's just part and parcel of life and yoga is great for helping get through the highs and lows.  


It won't necessarily disappear the moment we begin a regular yoga practice, but we do learn how to handle it a whole lot better!


This short routine is designed to calm and focus the mind and ease excess tension in the body. Enjoy! (Laura's one of the best!) 😉❤️


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