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Inner Peace bracelet

Wonderful product, beautifully made. When I saw it I couldn't wait to buy it, such a pretty colour. Thanks so much.

Gratitude Yoga Towel

This yoga towel is one of my favourite ones from the selection, beautiful colours and as always excellent quality. I bought this one as a gift for a wonderful friend who I am so grateful to have in my life.

The Box of Joy Gift Set

This set is simply beautiful. I bought it as a gift for a friend who had been in hospital. She wears the bracelet every day and burns the candles during her relaxation and meditation times.

Always Fab!!!

Will not use anything at all now other than B&Z candles; especially now with the re-usable holder which saves all the metal/plastic cups being recycled. They are just such a superior quality - beautiful whiffs of wellness, no wastage at all, burn for a really long time and the real thing I just adore about them is that even if I have just 5 minutes to get ready, I light my tea light and within a minute I receive a subtle smell which is just enough to stop me in my tracks and think positively. I bought them for a friend for a Christmas present and just buying her some more for Easter as she was impressed with the "natural" smell - yay. Initially they might seem expensive, but they last a really long time because they are so beautifully and lovingly made. I'm so relieved not to feel guilty any more when I light a candle and think am I poisoning the environment for my pleasure? (BTW the really big ones last a really long time, I'm 6 months burning and still probably got another m - month or so to go - I burn this one when I'm at home for longer than 3 hours)

Buy, buy , buy and Bye Yankee, Prices, Waxing Lyrical et al - We're so OVER!

Practically Perfect!

I struggle with slippy palms in yoga which is off putting in many poses and super distracting so this mat is perfect for me! No slip, great grip and so comfortable. It’s well cushioned so when doing any poses that put pressure on your back I don’t feel the hard floor - I used to use two normal mats but with this, there’s no need.

I would highly recommend to any and all!

Always gorgeous patterns and amazing quality. Totally in love with Bunnies & Zen´s yoga towels <3 I really appreciate the personal touch and always so very kind and professional service when ordering something.


Just perfect, a candle that smells amazing from the top right to the end. I have given my friends these as gifts for Christmas, they have all told me about how good they smell and no headaches dispite being a really noticeable smell in their house. Their guests have even commented on how nice their house smells......
I would absolutely buy again,.

Very good for hot yoga

Very good for hot yoga class

Beautiful, non-slip towel

Really beautiful design and I do not slip at all in hot yoga using this towel. I have tried a couple of other supposedly non-slip towels and my hands and feet were sliding in downward dog, but not with this. It packs away really small, too. Matching small towels would be great. Love it! Thank you.

Make you energised

I am really impressed with Bunnies & Zen calm candle. The essential oils smell gorgeous and the scent lasts right through to the end unlike other candles. I would highly recommend

Wonderful products

These candles smell incredible! I absolutely love the origami packaging. The attention to detail just shows how much thought and energy goes into even the smallest products.
Would definitely recommend!

The perfect gift!

I love my little set of tea lights. They're such good quality, and smell amazing! You can even see the different textures of the different botanicals they use - I really, really love it. The hand folded origami bag is such an amazing touch, too! The Cleanse + Calm, Make You Calm and Make You Energized are probably my favourite scents, but they're all wonderful.


This candle smells absolutely heavenly. I had never heard of May Chang before, but it is so unique, deep and elegant! And you can really see and feel the quality in the way it was made. Beautifully packaged too. I'll definitely be back for more!


I really love my yoga mat & have had lots of great comments about it, I've given people your details to look up on Google. Do you do any thicker ones too as some floors are very hard & I have a slight curvature to my thoracic vertebrae which can be quite painful on hard floors.
Thank you Pamela

Hi Pamela, Many thanks for your review and feedback! Unfortunately we do not have any thicker mats at present. We do have yoga towels which can be quite handy to use as support by folding and rolling them. Please get in touch if you would like to give one a try. Best wishes, Rachel

Great candles and excellent service

Lovely smell but some wastage....

I absolutely love the smell of this however the smell seems stronger at the beginning and now it’s burned down quite a lot the wick doesn’t seem to burn so well and there isn’t really any scent anymore.... I fear that the bottom 1cm is going to be wasted as I can’t see it will burn with the wick extinguishing itself .... only 1 is now burning very slightly

Hi Keeley, Thanks again for your valuable feedback. After doing some further burn tests on this candle, we discovered that the wick we were using wasn't the best size for this particular candle/scent. We have now corrected this and after performing a number of tests, the candle is burning fine. I hope you are happy with your replacement candle.
Finally, the perfect yoga mat x

I have recently purchased the combo mat and it is perfect for my practice ! As soon as hands and feet are slightly damp they grip to the mat - perfect for hot yoga, ashtanga, flow work or to be honest in this heatwave any practice at all ! Oh and the design is cuter than anything ! Thankyou Rachel and George and wonderful to meet you both, thanks, Karen x

You can't beat bunnies and zen's mats

We looked around at a variety of different yoga mat products but bunnies and zen won us over. The mat towels are the best quality we found and we also loved the graphics and mantras.

A must for serious yogis.

Go buy one!


So grateful for the first B&Z yoga towel I bought last year that I got 2 more

Votive Candle - Make You Inspired
Lovely candle!

I love the scent of this eco friendly candle, the bergamot is so relaxing and the burn time is great! You can tell that essential oils are being used and I enjoy burning it when I need that moment of calm. I highly recommend their candles, they are eco friendly and made in small batches, plus they smell amazing! Once you try this, you won't go back to those you see on the high street that uses parrafin and synthetic fragrances!

Excellent mat. Would recommend.

This is a quality product which I have been using every day for several weeks now and it improves with use. I love the fact that it moulds gently to the hands and feet in downward dog, for example, making you feel secure. It allows me to attempt movements which I would otherwise find difficult, being new to yoga. I can even balance on it! Finally the size is perfect, long enough for my tall husband. I also like the two large spots which help you position your knees correctly. Finally, our small dog loves it, which is not good for us, but good for her! This is a superb product which rolls away neatly and should last for years. We even took it on holiday with us last week as it is easy to carry.

Positive candle

Smells wonderful. I’ve had trouble with tunnelling in the past but this candle burnt really well.

Perfect Present

Bought the perfect Yoga towel for my daughter, she loves it!

No more slipping during yoga!

Ever struggled with slipping when doing downward facing dog? Then, like me, you'll need to have this towel as I found it to have a great grip and I don't slip anymore during yoga! I love the motto on my mat and the colours are uplifting, it makes yoga an activity to enjoy now for me!

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