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The Take A Breath Combo Mat has a microfibre towel top layer bonded to a rubber mat base. The top layer absorbs sweat during high intensity classes, whilst the rubber base provides the support and cushioning of a yoga mat.

The design features the symbolic yin and yang symbol and iconic Zen bunny. The yin and yang symbol is an integral part of Chinese philosophy and is considered to be the representation of the dual nature of all things. The iconic Zen bunny breathes out peace, love and harmony.

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Vibrating with the feminine wisdom and Goddess energy of the waxing and full moon, moonstone has a reflective, calming energy.

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Zen Bunnies

Featuring throughout the designs is the iconic Zen bunny, a lucky talisman to inspire peace and creativity, and subtle mantras that gently nudge us back to the present moment.

The tea light pillow box includes a reusable brass-plated tea light holder and a single tea light delicately wrapped in branded tissue paper and sealed with a positive mantra sticker.


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The Rest candle is a delicious blend of bergamot and lavender essential oils. It promotes relaxation by soothing the nervous system and instilling a sense of calm.

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