Milk Bottle Candle - Make You Calm


While multi-tasking between brushing your teeth and plugging in the straightening irons, you stub your toe on that darn chair leg! Hello, overwhelm! So what can you do when it all feels like too much? Start by taking a deep breath and read on to find out how our MAKE YOU CALM candle can help.


Our Make You Calm candle has been carefully crafted from a unique blend of essential oils to help calm and relax your body and mind.


Top notes of BERGAMOT and CLARY SAGE soothe anxiety, stress and emotional tension.

Middle notes of HO WOOD OIL help to break unhealthy emotional patterns.

Base notes of YLANG YLANG help bring a sense of calm.


Bunnies & Zen says: Why not light your candle and try five minutes of pranayama to cleanse and quiet the mind, or just allow yourself time to sit in a quiet space while taking in the calming aromas. We’ll have you back on an even keel before you know it!


Key features and benefits

  • Hand poured in the UK using 100% natural plant wax and pure essential oils 
  • Free from toxic materials, paraffin, petroleum and beeswax products
  • 200ml Milk Bottle with cork lid (dimensions: 5.5 cm diameter, 13 cm height)
  • Approximately 40 hours burn time
  • Doubles up as a nourishing massage oil
  • Pairs perfectly with our Serenity Yoga Towel


What else?

The diffusion of essential oils is deeply therapeutic, but you can go one step further and soak in the benefits too! After 30 minutes of burn time, the therapeutic oils from the candle form a delicate massage oil. Blow out the candle and wait 2 minutes before applying to the skin. Drizzle the warm oil over any part of the body in need of a nourishing treatment, including legs, hands, dry elbows or heels.

*Avoid during pregnancy


Please note: As plant-based wax is a natural product, it is very susceptible to temperature variations; therefore, wax contraction or expansion can occur due to the change in temperature. These are small imperfections and unique characteristics of 100% natural wax candles and do not affect the quality or performance of the candle.


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Customer Reviews

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I treated myself to all 3 of the milk bottle candles in their different fragrances after feeling sick from burning a large, expensive, coloured candle that apparently wouldn't soot for the same price (it did), that was going to transport me to "paradise", but without the love so obviously given to each candle by Rachel. The packaging was amazing! I loved everything about Bunnies, as being vegan it is very important to me to live my ethics wherever I can. The smells from the candles are all subtly different, but not overpowering and definitely not synthetic either in colour or smell. They fit in with my neutral decor as they are a beautiful rich creamy colour and they don't soot at all and are very true to the burn time. I'm going to buy the travel candles for my God-daughter who is going travelling for a year.

The milk bottles will be re-usable after the candles have finished too. Well done Bunnies!


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