Meet Lynn Butler  —  Holistic Coach & Wellness expert

Meet Lynn Butler — Holistic Coach & Wellness expert

BIO: With over 20 years of experience in the wellness industry, Lynn is a seasoned professional in her field. Lynn's expertise encompasses a diverse range of therapies, including reflexology, facial reflexology, energy psychology, EFT tapping, and women's health.

At the heart of Lynn's practice lies a profound belief in each individual's innate wisdom. She firmly believes that everyone possesses their own answers within, waiting to be discovered. Her mission is to guide and empower others who are either seeking this reconnection, a defined identity or simply relaxation to achieve their goals.

Lynn operates her practice from Sheffield, where she resides with her partner, Richard, daughter Olive, and Schnauzer Edith.

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"There are always ‘gifts’ in every life situation. When we choose to turn it into a learning, that’s life sorted."

I will never tire of hearing about how you brought your daughter, Olive, into existence through manifestation, so I want to dive straight into this remarkable story and share it with our readers.

Having been through various medical tests, procedures and investigations, we were told that we were unable to have any kids due to my age. I was 43 and a mere whipper snapper at this thing called life IMO! Having easily conceived and sadly miscarried at 40, we knew that it was possible despite the medical diagnosis. The ‘knowing’ I had that we would be parents was so strong that although an emotional roller coaster of a time, I was supported hugely by this ‘feeling’.

I’ve always believed in ‘thoughts become things’ especially as my former years were spent in the retail design industry, creating a vision or mood board and then bringing something into reality.

January 2017, I plonked an image of a baby on a Vision Board, 2 weeks later conceived. I had the most amazing pregnancy and a 45 min active labour on paracetamol!

Your successful manifestation has undoubtedly inspired our readers. Could you elaborate on the steps or techniques you employed in your manifestation journey? This will provide our readers with a practical understanding of manifestation and equip them to embark on their own journey.

I applied this technique to having a family.

  1. Decide what you don’t want.

  2. Create the do wants list.

  3. Create a visual representation of what you do want - A vision board, screen saver on mobile or computer, printed out and kept in your purse or wallet).

  4. Keep the visual reminder somewhere that you’ll see it ALL the time.

  5. Believe it’s already happening, act as it’s already happening. We used to drive to the family parking bays at the supermarket (of course never parking there!)

  6. Decide on a daily basis what teeny tiny steps you can make that move you in the right direction.

  7. Keep checking in.

Get a free Visioning Process checklist here.

This leads me to my next question. I have found through my own practice that many menopausal women find themselves at a crossroads, having fulfilled various roles in life and now yearning for something new. They often feel trapped in this transitional phase, unsure of their next steps. What advice would you offer to these women, who may be considering the art of manifestation, to guide them into this new chapter of life?

Using the visioning process steps outlined, create your wants list that is for you today.

Not for the roles you are/have, or the shoulds.

At this stage, I find most women reconnect to the parts of them they’ve forgotten along the way.

The sense of remembering and reconnecting is so powerful and very much needed for a balanced, purposeful life.

Going back to the beginning of your journey, what was the turning point that led you to shift your career from window dressing to Reflexology and other holistic therapies?

I lost my Dad very suddenly to bowel cancer back in 2005. This was a huge catalyst to looking after myself. I went for a random, ‘didn’t even know what it was’ Reflexology session to switch off from the world for a bit.

That hour has transformed not only my life (stress free purposeful living), our family (I’m convinced that doing fertility reflexology supported our miraculous conception aling with the vision board), supporting clients (oh hello transformation) and the stunning positive ripple effect thoughout their lives.

I chose to train through sheer curiosity, with no intention to ever practise. I simply needed to satisfy my curiosity as to what my Reflexologist did, saw and felt during my first ever transformational session.

Fast forward to 2012, I took a leap of faith to leave my highly paid, highly responsible (immensely stressful) Head of Visual Merchandising role to work for myself as a Freelance Visual Merchandising Consultant and dabble with reflexology for anyone who fancied a session.

Whilst in a contract renewal meeting with the agency owner, my eternal optimsim and positivity was questioned. It was like a huge lightbulb moment, where I had a waiting list for clients wanting a slice of positivity, and here I was being told to turn it down.

I didn’t renew my freelance contract. There are always ‘gifts’ in every life situation. When we choose to turn it into a learning, that’s life sorted :)

Over the past decade, holistic therapies have made significant strides, gaining widespread recognition and, thankfully, shedding their 'hippy' image. This is an exciting time for practitioners like you and me as more individuals turn to alternative therapies for comprehensive support. What do you envision for the future of holistic and alternative treatments, and how do you think they will continue to evolve?

I feel that I am on a mission to normalise the weird, the wonderful and the perceived woo-woo, simply because it works.

Countries such as Denmark, have a prevention is better than cure approach to life. Experiencing holistic and complementary healthcare is at the heart of life.

I have had a client surprised that I wasn’t wearing purple or tie dye (I dress professionally, in my everyday clothes). Another client expressed after we had talked on the phone and met, she thought that I would be wearing hoop earrings with parrots on them.

Maybe I’ve got a bit of a way to go to change the perception.

Life can be challenging and often feels like an ongoing struggle. How do you maintain what seems like a consistently positive attitude, and can you offer some advice on how we mere mortals can stay upbeat despite the challenges life brings?

Accept that life can be like a rollercoaster. Have a coping tools toolbox to get you through the tougher parts. I love journaling, tapping, ‘meflexology’ and coffee for my lower moments.

As well as one-to-one consultations, do you offer any retreats, workshops, or other events where clients can emerge themselves more fully in your expertise? 

Absolutely, my mission is to positively affect change. If I were to only offer this on a 1:1 basis, I’d be short changing my passion. Running group workshops, courses and in person retreats allows me to connect with more people who also want to live an easy, purposeful life.

I don't think I know anyone with such a huge capacity to juggle various projects simultaneously (including motherhood, which is a full-time job in itself!). Please let us into your secret!

I love life. I am a default glass overfloweth person, always ready to turn the challenges into lessons and share them with the world.

Who has been the most significant influence in your life so far?

There are a few online go-to’s including Rebecca Campbell, author. Pam Gregory, astrologer.

Clients gift so many life lessons on a daily basis.

What's the one thing you would encourage everyone to try to benefit their well-being?

Upping your water intake especially around a full moon.

What advice would you give to your 20-year-old self?

Don’t wait until 50 to give no flying flip flops to what others think about you.

Drink the coffee, eat the cake, have all the fun, embrace the heartbreak, the fallouts and breakdowns. None of us are guaranteed tomorrow as we know it today, live, love, learn by your rules.

Left side image: picture of baby used in vision board

Right side image: Baby Olive

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