Ayurvedic Consultations

We offer consultations covering traditional tri-dosha analysis. Diet and lifestyle are used alongside herbal remedies to bring the dosha into balance and restore vitality, health and well-being.

The well-being store

Bunnies & Zen produces handmade products to support yoga, meditation and spiritual growth. The intention behind each design is to evoke a sense of well-being by nourishing the mind and body and nurturing the soul.


Why Our Products?


We ensure no animals were used in the creation of our product lines.

All Natural

We source clean, plant-based ingredients to develop safe, non-toxic formulas.


Our products arrive to you in sustainable, recyclable packaging. to reduce our carbon footprint.

Curated for you

In our pursuit of clean and ethical living, we have developed a platform where customers can buy products we love and use daily. Here you will find a specially curated assortment of goods selected for their aesthetic appeal, exceptional quality and ethical values.