Take A Breath Combo Mat


Providing all the benefits of a towel with the added support and cushioning you would get from a mat, you can have the best of both worlds.

The Combo Mat innovatively fuses together an absorbent microfibre top layer with a natural tree rubber base. If you’ve ever had a towel bunch up beneath your feet (which admittedly can happen), you will be thanking us for this one!

The design speaks for itself. Its warm blue base colour combined with yin yang symbol (and of course our Zen Bunny) will help bring warmth, balance, and peace into your day.


Key features and benefits

  • Materials: Ultra absorbent microfiber top layer, bonded to a 3.5 mm natural tree rubber base.
  • Dimensions: 61 x 178 cm/24 x 70”.
  • Weight: 2.3 kg. Not too cumbersome to carry, but thick enough to offer cushioned support.
  • Machine washable: Machine wash separately on a gentle cycle in cold water. Hang to dry.
  • Eco-friendly; Biodegradable and free from toxic glue, silicone, and phthalates.
  • Super absorbent: Designed to grip better with sweat. (Note, if you have dry hands and feet, lightly spray the surface of your mat with water before use).
  • Added extras: Comes with a free carry strap!


What else?

Our combo mats have a sweat activated grip. If you tend not to sweat too much or are using your towel for a lower intensity class, then we recommend you dampen your mat before use with a spritz of water before using to experience its anti-slip benefits.


For further details on shipping and returns, please visit our FAQ page here.


We donate 50p to Bloodwise for every towel sold. If you are interested in finding out why, please visit our blog here. Thank you for your support!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

This mat is absolutely fantastic .... It has a super grip and does not slip in anymore it's soft and comfortable I love it and recommend it to everyone

Love this yoga mat!

Today I used my new Combo mat by bunnies&zen .., it was fabulous .. I didn't slip once , not even a smidgen ! Other Yogis That saw it thought it was gorgeous ..

Fav yoga mat ever

This yoga mat is great to practice daily, especially its non-swip fabric and It was love at the first sight for the cute bunny design and the beautiful colors

Love my combo mat

Absolutely fantastic product. Not only is light, practical and anti-slippery (perfect for Hot Yoga!) but so cute! Love my zen bunny! Highly recommend. Don't think about buying this product twice. It is the perfect choice for yogis. Thank you Bunnies and Zen!

Bunnies and Zen and Angels

Quite honestly, this little company is way up there when it comes to delivering end-to-end quality.

Their genuine care and love for not only their product, but adding customer experience is a real contender for not only yoga supply giants, but retail outfits in general. Hands down.

I was absolutely thrilled with the product which is simply divine and of a very high standard. I'm a tall woman at almost 5'11", so it was really important for me to have a nice comfy mat and not worry about spilling onto the floor.

Seriously, get in touch with Rachel and have her pop one in the post for you. You'll soon see why I'm so very tempted to even use the Combo mat for sitting on the floor to eat food or watch a film - it is that lush and luxurious! When I'm on it nothing else matters but me, my body and breathwork, and at the end when I lay down for Savanasa it truly feels like heaven sent.

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