Tea lights — back in stock

Tea lights — back in stock

We are reintroducing these beautiful hand-poured tea lights infused with our signature therapeutic oil blends to cleanse, ground, calm, energise, or bring positivity to your space and well-being.

They might look dinky, cute and innocent, but these kids are not to be underestimated. We advertise a 3.5+ hour burn time, but they usually burn much longer while kicking out an abundance of delicious fragrances to infuse your space.

Each tea light is lovingly hand-wrapped in branded tissue paper and spritzed with a delicate mist of essential oils before it starts its journey to you.

If gifting or treating yourself, choose from a single tea light tucked away in a cute pillow box or a team of four in a ribbon-wrapped gift box. If simplicity is more your thing, opt for the singular tea lights.


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